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RF Remote Controls

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  • 4 Zone Programmable RGBW RF Remote Controller

    Product Code: SR2819SP

    SR-2819SP is a newly released RGBW RF remote controller with programming function which enables users to choose colors or period of colors to...

    $97.87(inc GST)


  • 8 Zone Remote RF LED Dimmer

    Product Code: SR2833K8

    RF LED dimmer SR-2833K8 is an 8 zone dimming controller which offers both switching on/off and smooth brightness dimming functions. Designed with...

    $45.42(inc GST)


  • Full Touch RGBW/Y LED Controller

    Product Code: SR2818

    SR-2818 is a full touch RF&WiFi RGBW LED controller with color touch wheel which offers accurate and fast color tone adjustment and dimming key...

    $143.61(inc GST)


  • Monochrome Remote RF LED Controller

    Product Code: SR2833TS

    SR-2833TS is remote RF LED controller for monochrome LED lighting which controls 1 zone with dimming range from 0.1%-100%. The rf controller...

    $95.02(inc GST)


  • Remote Controller (30M 433MHZ)

    Product Code: SR2833NZ4

    SR-28833N-Z4 is a single color ZigBee key remote controller that enables switch and dimming control and works with a ZigBee gateway/coordinator, it...

    $48.81(inc GST)


  • RF&WiFi Remote LED Dimmer

    Product Code: SR2833K4

    RF&WiFi remote LED dimmer SR-2833K4 is a single color LED controller which offers both switch on/off and smooth brightness dimming functions....

    $45.42(inc GST)


  • RF&WiFi Remote LED Light Dimmer Controller

    Product Code: SR2819SDIM

    RF & WiFi LED light dimmer controller SR-2819SDIM is a remote dimmer controller which offers both switch and dimming functions. Designed with a...

    $97.87(inc GST)


  • RF/WiFi LED RGBW Controller

    Product Code: SR2819T8

    RF/WiFi LED controller SR-2819T8 is a RGB controller with unique design touch color wheel which offers ultra sensitive touch control to adjust...

    $133.91(inc GST)


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