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Monochrome Remote RF LED Controller

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Monochrome Remote RF LED Controller

Product Code: SR2833TS

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SR-2833TS is remote RF LED controller for monochrome LED lighting which controls 1 zone with dimming range from 0.1%-100%. The rf controller features ultra sensitive touch control, smooth dimming without any flickering and a control distance of over 20 meters. The touch slider with 256 level logarithmic dimming enables the dimmer to adjust brightness smoothly without any flickering which can be very comfortable for human eyes. Each dimmer can control one zone with endless receivers in each zone synchronously. The monochrome controller is compatible with SR-1009 series RF receivers that are available in both constant voltage and constant current version to control different types of LED lighting.

Key Features

  • Ultra sensitive and high stable touch slider, fast and accurate brightness control.
  • Reliable and stable switch and dimming control function, control range can be over 20M.
  • Battery in the remote is with long life span. It normally can use for 1 years.
  • 256 levels logarithmic dimming, ideal for human eye sensitivity to lighting, dimming smoothly without any flash.
  • Switch on/off of lightings slowly, without any flash, meet the comfort of human eyes.
  • Dimming range 0.1-100%.
  • Each dimmer can control one zone with endless receivers in each zone synchronously
  • Use with power repeater to expand the output power unlimitedly.

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